As you grow you condition and train your brain in various cognitive functions. Your brain is exercised throughout the regions and each one controls a different aspect of your body’s function. This conditioning is achieved primarily through learning and experiencing and then forming your own interpretations.

The first years of your life are dedicated to education and ever-expanding knowledge. After this, the emotional skills development kicks in at full swing. Your brain is healthiest when it is continually growing and being given the opportunity to exercise.

So how can you keep your brain focusing well and working at its optimal pace? Train it!

  • Try something new and then do it repeatedly

Trying something new can present challenges and it makes use of different areas of your brain. Repeating the action or experience helps wire your brain so that with each time you do it, it should become easier as you become more adept. (Practice DOES make perfect)

  • Avoid “brain draining” and mind numbing activities

Stress and anxiety are known to tire your brain out. It’s not always possible to avoid stress entirely and a little bit of stress is actually very good for you. Try finding ways of coping and dealing with stress more effectively.

Don’t watch too much t.v. and choose what you watch carefully.

  • Try out a couple of brain training and puzzle games

Get the areas of your brain actively and productively busy to keep the mechanisms from getting rusty. Practice, explore and discover, be open to changes. Thos things combined are excellent for your brain’s overall health.