2048 – It kind of sounds like a date, doesn’t it? Maybe a fantasy game set in the future, or an arcade game where the main character can travel through time and 2048 is the date he travels forward to. It’s not a date though; it’s the goal amount to reach in a number of moves using multiplication. As you slide tiles, they merge together to create ever-doubling numbers on the board. It’s typically played on a 4×4 board, but versions all differ.

2048 is a very simple, easy-to-play, single player game that can give you hours of enjoyment. It’s a derivative of the three’s game and earlier 1024 games that were also highly popular.  This puzzle game has great design that doesn’t detract from the object of the game, but rather enhances it due to its simplicity. The colors are muted too to help your eyes follow the numbers easily as you slide and combine the numbers.

It’s essentially a brain training game that focuses on math and multiplication, but it can also enhance your estimation skills and quick thinking or strategy skills, depending on how you play the game. The great thing about 2048 is that you can set the pace. There are no time limits and you can take as much time as you need to plan your next move, or as little time as you want to be quick in reaching the 2048 tile.

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