There’s a ton of puzzle games out there, so what makes 2048 the very best in brain training games? It’s definitely a combination of simplicity, great design, and challenging objective.

It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re waiting for someone or sitting alone at the bus station. The game can now be downloaded as an app on most mobile platforms and even played offline or simply played from any browser. That makes it easily available all the time.

So what’s so addictive about 2048?

If it’s not the challenge of making it to the very top to combine those two 1024 tiles to make that 2048 tile, then it’s definitely the need to keep trying. This specific puzzle game seems so easy, and you go into it almost with a sense of achievement, until you realize it’s definitely not as easy as you though it was. There is logic behind it and that makes it even sweeter, Trying every possibility until you have found the pattern.

While the numbers and levels remain the same, there are various ways in which 2048 challenges a person and it is this that keeps the game from becoming boring. Just when you have your first 2048 and you think you’ve got it all figured out, you realize that the next 2048 is just as tough to come by.

Give it a go and see how quickly you get hooked to 2048.