The controls are pretty simple. The game is set on a 4×4 grid in which you can move the numbers left, right, up or down. Not diagonally. Any two numbers that are the same will merge with each other whenever they collide to form a new number which is exactly double and is the sum of the two numbers.

How to move the numbers on the board:

Use your keypad’s direction arrows to slide the number on the board

Moving left = left arrow

Moving right = right arrow

Moving up = up arrow

Moving down = down arrow

The object of the game

There are two objectives of this game. However, the main aim is to keep doubling tiles until you finally reach 2048. The second objective is to keep bettering your score.

How do you better your score?

The higher the doubled number, the better your score will be. For example, if you reach a 2048 tile with only one 256 or lower additional tile, your score will be lower than if you have a higher doubled tile like 1024. Aiming for a higher score adds a whole new dimension to the game and it can become a positive challenge trying to move past your previous high score.

Don’t forget to scan the QR code to get the app on your phone for even more hours of fun. that you can take with you just about anywhere. 2048 is a fantastic puzzle game that you can take just about anywhere and share with your friends too. Try challenging each other to see if you can beat the other’s high score to take the game to the next level.